Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents' Day

Fear & Loathing Come to Call
They seem ever more with us. Hunter S. Thompson saw them very clearly - perhaps too clearly - and now he's gone, may he RIP. Jesus' General has generous quotes in a fine post, and you should keep an eye on Ralph Steadman's site - there's already a sweet passage starring HST there from last November. Steadman's images of HST I can't separate from the man I never met - their Day of the Dead (a celebratory occasion) quality is like an x-ray of their subject.
And for a vision of an America full of Mickey Mice packing automatics that both Steadman and the Dr. would recognize, see Saul Steinberg. It is upon us.

About the writing, it strikes me as a dangerous model, because it was absolutely personal, and to adopt the style it is to be in HST drag. But a fearless nose for bullshit and a love of liberty (not the Liberty™ kind, either), those were his gifts to us, and those we must use.

[Update: Don't miss two posts by Steve Gilliard, here and here, better and deeper than anything I could say.]

The Father of Our Country
So, you win some, you lose some. My head aches.

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