Monday, February 14, 2005

14 February 2005

O Joy! O Rapture!
MyDD reports on The Rapture Index today - JFC. As if I didn't hear enough of this crap from the nut branch of the family when I was growing up, now they are really getting juiced about the End of It All. I've got to observe, however, that these people have been gleeful about every war, every natural disaster for as long as I can remember - a bloodthirsty lot, with complete confidence that the tide of blood and destruction will sweep them up to Heaven. Unspeakable.
Let us pray that they will be disappointed, and if they happen to hold public office, let us defeat them, ASAP.

Snarky Sunday
No posts yesterday, owing to the usual attacks of hyper-sensitivty and family melodrama backwash my patient manifests toward the end of a weekend. After more than 2 years of observation, it's completely predictable and thoroughly inexplicable, other than to note that Control Issues are her third rail and that the voltage gets cranked up after the Sunday visit. A bad zap can last all week, and so is to be avoided.

Stupid Genome!
Great post at Pharyngula on attributing vast powers of destiny to humble genes. I often wonder why Evolutionary Psychologists even have jobs, but they should certainly suppress the impulse to drop crumbs so that innocents like Kristof ingest them and come up with these idiot columns. Every damn time I see one, I expect a chorus of "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" to swell forth from the page.

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