Wednesday, February 23, 2005

23 February 2005

In the Teeth
First, go to Ralph Steadman's for his HST elegy.

Next, consider what the new regime at Salon has already wrought. Charles Taylor, whose fierce takedown of David Irving in a review of Deborah Lipstadt's History on Trial only two weeks ago gave further proof of his critical range, has been let go. Joan Walsh appears to feel that criticism has had too much of a front seat on what is now her bus - let's all go love "America's Top Model" instead. I was attracted to Salon in the first place, now years ago, because of the depth of their critical lineup, and it's been chipped away at - or dumbed down - for the last couple of years at an alarming rate. I will still look forward to Laura Miller and Stephanie Zacharek and Andrew O'Hehir - and Allen Barra on his rare appearances - but booting Charley they will be sorry for.

Finally, I have a monstrous toothache (the view south from my left eye shows a puff that wasn't there yesterday), so I will tough that out and hug any other grievances until the swelling goes down. The beefs will keep.

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