Saturday, February 05, 2005

5 February 2005

Go Team Venture!
Venture Bros. -

Apologies, but I have been posting ass-backwards below - newer stuff is below older stuff, which is just not done. Told you I was new at this!

This is pure grandiosity, but I'm adding a Site Meter to measure all the non-existent traffic I'm already getting in less than a week. Is blogging an enabler, or what?

I suppose the next thing will be pics & graphics. Atrios has his kitties, TBogg has his bassets, and we have a great little chocolate dachshund who's stuck with the name Noodles, but is no less handsome, bright, tactful and kind for it. My only nightmare lately is that he meets Dr. James Dobson and is "corrected" for his tolerance and love. You be the judge.

Howard Dean - ex cathedra
I am posting this at Digby's too -

Rock on, HD! Can anyone remember a guy who has been so consistently mis-characterized? The radical and strident profile was, recall, started in the run up to the primaries by his own Dem opponents, and was contrary to his positions and record. Calling Bush on the carpet in the summer of 2003 was so rude; Dean showed it had power and truth, and even if he was a novice at a national campaign, he shoved the whole field in the right direction. The CW shifted seismically, and he was responsible.
That's what scared the hell out the DNC then (and the boys and girls at TNR who endorsed that sancitmonious sack of shit Joe Lieberman, he of the strangled voice and this week's Kiss of Death) - the Right just picked up the themes and cranked them up. They're still cranking, and there are still people on Our Team who are implicitly bobbing their heads to that tune.
I suspect that Howard will surprise them all - and a good thing it will be.

Bosley's Boy
Whoa! Wolcott rips Michael Medved a fresh one - but, damn, the piece he's talking about (apparently adulatory of Medved's new book about his turning Red from Blue) is in next week's NYT Book Review. As JW notes, Medved has a propensity to go intellectually limp, and to whine. In May '03 he whined to Seattle Weekly that he missed the movie criticism of Bosley Crowther, captain of the limpets and a standout on the Times' historical junior varsity of lame-o critics. O yeah, he wonders where the Legion of Decency went, too. Oy! You'd think that finding moral clarity and sucking up to the ubermenschen of the Right would give him a new confidence, but I guess not.

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