Friday, February 18, 2005

18 February 2005

Cracking a CPAC
Good one from Michelle Goldberg on the Conservative Political Action Conference this week (she must have wonderful camo - she's done this kind of thing before...). And Digby adds his usual trenchant notes.

Shoofly Pie
I haven't seen a transcript yet, but the Dean/Perle meetup Thursday evening featured some shoe-leather, according to this from The Oregonian. The paper's Odd Blogger says nothing very interesting, so I hope a few of the other 2800 in attendance get on the stick. Perle, with his various legal troubles, hasn't been much in evidence lately, though I doubt very much if his influence has abated, where it counts. Some floats, no matter what.
I am more interested in Howard's performance - both demeanour and argument - as he settles into the DNC chair.

More Sweet Dreams
What bliss to put head to pillow and not have an ear cocked for the sound of the tinkling bell, and the rustlings of the baby monitor! 10 hours a week is just not enough time off, readers, and this last one hasn't even been eventful - just a grind. Hate to miss seeing my friends, but a call to Town reassured them that I'm alive and will see them next week - except for B, who's taking off for Thailand and Vietnam for 3 weeks. Have an order in for some Vietnamese cinnamon - suggestions for its use will be appreciated.

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