Friday, February 11, 2005

11 February 2005

"Manchurian Beefcake"
That's Wolcott's superb name for the Gannon/Guckert story, and I hope it sticks. There's extensive detail at AMERICAblog (and you might have seen John Aravosis on Aaron Brown's show last night, cutting to the quick...). It's looking like a fucking torte, actually, with delicious hidden surprises to come.
I'm not set up to post pics yet, or I'd add the winsomely gruff Jeff/Jim G/G in all his dog-tagged glory - I do hope we found out how many kinds of pin-up boy he has been, and in what shadowy venues besides the White House Press Briefings. He might wish he'd stuck to catering to uniform fetishists.

[Update: The brilliant and lovely SZ at World O' Crap gets props for especially comprehensive, concise and - how you say? - self-effacing coverage of this yumminess. I would bear her children if circumstances didn't make that impossible.]

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