Wednesday, February 16, 2005

16 February 2005

John lights the propane....
Spare me your sanctimonious bullshit now that those of us in the gay community and on the left have finally - finally - started to fight fire with fire by simply holding you to the very standards you legislate over us. We are simply giving the GOP the sex-less utopia it's always wanted. How does it feel?

Like he said - finally!

Early Signs
Actually, I'm with Chris on this one - I passed up the final episode of Brideshead Revisited to watch the Oscars the year they aired simultaneously [it wasn't like I was missing anything, I'd already read the Waugh...]. My roomies were appalled at my tastelessness (they chose deathbed epiphanies in the Chinese Bedroom), but that was the year Bette Midler showed up in that goofy dress, and not that long afterward I met her assistant, and, well.....pffffftttttttt! Je ne regrette rien!

In Praise of SZ -
And she certainly does deserve it for this self-help title:

Felony Convictions!: How to Know When You're Dating
One of the FBI's Most Wanted

I did that (or he should have been), so I know, and I ignored all the flags, too. Ask my friends. Fucking ex's....

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