Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So a Child Could Understand....

Special thanks to Digby's friend who requested that he construct a simple recap of the Rove/Plame story and it's ramifications. For some real insider detail on the Niger mission, especially, see Sidney Blumenthal at Salon this evening.
As I'm writing this, Andrea Mitchell (aka, Mrs. Greenspan), just told Chris Matthews on Hardball that this whole Rove story was of interest only within the DC Beltway, and that no one else was paying attention. Whoa! Is she gonna be surprised! She must have been reading The Note a bit too confidently....
Listen, I get The Note sent to me by e-mail every morning - it was fun during the election cycle last year, but now that the courtiers can be courtiers again, it's full of pure preening and disdain. Makes one want to trash the place.


blue girl said...

Hi grisha, I don't know what to think of Andrea Mitchell. Just so you know she changed her tune this morning when she was on Imus.

Why in the world would she think "nobody outside DC" would care?

I myself, thinks she's a goof.

Has she heard of a new little invention called: blogging??

I think it's a big deal and have been writing about it for a couple of days.

I'm hoping Cheney gets scooped up into the net. Shakespeare's Sister had a link to *someone* - (God only knows) -- who had this theory about Cheney, Bolton and some other high level CIA guy -- and that Rove really isn't the one.

I'm always hoping these guys will fall and fall hard.

We'll see I suppose.

grishaxxx said...

Mitchell probably saw the poll numbers for Bush (tanking) this morning and - ahem - changed her mind. :-)