Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No Bidness - American Style

Not a fresh story - just 2 years old and developing - and profoundly shameful to anyone who wants to be proud of US know-how, US values (as if those mean anything in action any longer). Anyway, it's from Digby, and he's disgusted, too. All those no-bid Halliburton contracts, outrageous overcharges transporting fuel from Kuwait, under-equipped soldiers, rotten food, collapsed infratructure with no repair in sight....JFC! This goes so far beyond the procurement abuses of the mid-3-figure toilet seats; this is making despair, and manufacturing enemies, day by negligent day.

Not only do all of us pay for this, billions by the day/week/month, but it really does seem unlikely that there will ever be an accounting - Myst of War and all that. Once we throw these fuckers out, it will still take a decade to ferret out their crimes, if they haven't destroyed the evidence Decades longer to regain any honor for our country. Bastards.

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