Friday, July 15, 2005


As much as I look forward to Karl Rove being popped like a crab between thumbnails (see illustration, below), that would only be a nice gift if Fitzgerald's grand jury is led elsewhere - down into that bunker built for Cheney, for example. Justin Raimondo seems to think that could be the case (and thanks to Steve Clemons for the link), and he's got Bolton in the mix, too (no great surprise).

Update: Whoa! Check out the TWN post this morning (7/16) -

"But we can never again accept or tolerate a Vice President of Dick Cheney's ilk."
Clemons has been dogging the Bolton nomination like nobody else, but not from a reflexive ideology. The guy seems appalled - both for himself and for those professionals in the government who are being trashed by the neocons - at the slash and burn tactics coming out of the Vice-President's circle. The threads continue to lead, as in a labyrinth, back to Cheney's particular people. Will they form a web that will snare them, finally? They've been at this game for 30 years, at least - Teams B, Iran-Contra, PNACs, etc. - and they have been consistently wrong, and with every failure more insistent that they are right. Achievements and facts seem to mean nothing to these guys - failure and reality seem to make them more vicious, and like cornered and wounded animals, more dangerous. Boot 'em. We shall all be safer.


Daedalus said...

Cheney- what a sad character. The guy is so pathetically evil that one must wonder if he is real. Unfortunately, he is.

grishaxxx said...

My favorite story - in the pathos of arrogance department - is his sending General Schwarzkopf the complete Ken Burns "Civil War" series. Thought it would be instructive, or something. WTF...!