Friday, July 01, 2005

Delight, Allure, Entice

Dilettante came up in a recent correspondence with a friend of this site, and I seemed to remember that it was not, at root, such a bad label. Go to the link, above, and see. When we can have no confidence in even traditional professions - let alone scarce common jobs that provide little hope of the basic security our parents took as their due (not for granted - their due), then Doing It for Love doesn't look so bad. It may even redeem you.
Where the hell are the opportunities any longer to climb the apprentice-journeyman-master ladder? You make them yourself, if you are nimble, or else you cave, and settle for comfort, perhaps a hobby, at worst a taste for revenge. Nothing so corrupting as bringing down a boss whose job you don't really want - I've seen it in action, and it is ugly.
Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none is, now, it seems to me, an old formula. Expertise is essential, or at least the capacity to acquire it (no one wants an amateur craftsman tinkering with their house, permanently). We are living through a time of governance by wish and whim, and it is not going well. There is no apparent love of country, justice, or law in it. These are dilettantes in the most shallow and worst sense - triflers, and they are playing with loaded guns, and waving thieir contempt - their big dicks - in our faces.

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