Thursday, July 21, 2005

In Suspense

After two months of screwing around, dodging bugs from my security software (Fie, McAfee!), the latest update seems to have civilized them, so I trust posting will be more frequent and smoother than it has been lately. Knuckle-dragging brutes locking up your apps right and left, for mysterious reasons, has been an incredible pain, especially as I do not have the time to sit still messaging a tech, checking knowledge bases, or baby-sitting extensive diagnostics. All that can be fun, but not with an old lady, who has to pee, ringing a bell at you.

I was grateful this last weekend for HP6 - a comforting, fast read, and one you knew you were sharing with kids, their parents, and escapists everywhere. For me, a very brief vacation on-the-job. I have also been very glad to see the Rove/Plame/??? story stay robust. SCOTUS/Roberts will be interesting, but his relative blandness is not going to give much traction (or distraction); this is the price of loss last November.

Michael Bérubé's Theory Tuesday this week was also cool. The "grisha" I go by here comes from roomies and friends in Slav Lang at school, and one of them was writing her dissertation on Shklovsky, so his prominence was a nice vindication of her choices. Glad to see the Russian Formalists in the mainstream. Sometimes I miss all of that so much!

More soon!

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blue girl said...

Hi Grisha! How are you? Hope you're doing good -- yes -- the Plame story *is* staying robust. That's a good way to put it. I don't think the pundits know what to make of this prosecutor.

I think Bush&Co. might have thought that naming such a vanilla cone to the Supreme Court would take the attention off Plame.

Doesn't seem to be that way.

Can't way to see how it all plays out.