Thursday, July 07, 2005

Malignant Missionaries

Another Madrid, says the Guardian this morning.

"Michael Clarke, director of the Centre for Defence Studies at King's College London, said six bombs would mean at least 24 people involved in planting them in a targeted operation. The fact that London had been hit when the resources of the security forces were focused on the G8 summit at Gleneagles indicated some clever thinking by terrorists.
"It will have been quite a big plot and months in the planning," said Prof Clarke, who declined to speculate who was behind the attacks at this stage."

I am waiting, with bated breath, for our splendid spokesmen at State and Defense and the White House to now explain to us how they were always on top of this hot plot, and to see which of their fucking fingers they will point at what state sponsor or - failing that - the insufficiently muscular Brits, and - naturally failing that - the aid and comfort and encouragement given to the terrorists by Liberal (but genetically traitorous) Americans for questioning our Dear Leader on his tipsy bike rides through G8 summits. Watch and learn.

It's croc tears for Perfidious Albion - if any of the perps is traced to Galloway's new constituency - "months in planning" or not - there will be hysteria here for the UK to get tough and to make things worse than they already are. Fools. Utter fucking fools.

It was always impure, but I think it was, at heart, benign, for American missionaries to venture forth to foreign lands and give the best of themselves - they had many predecessors, and they learned as much as they taught, humility first, perhaps. The sons and daughters of PNAC know no humility - they come to conquer, and we should cut them off at the knees, now.

This must stop.

Update: From a reader over at TPM, it looks like Fox was licking their lips like Bloody Ghouls - I'd forgotten about that potential response. Just didn't fucking occur to me.... Was in brief touch with friends in UK (and they are fine, thank heaven); they report the agitation as general - more on the mood as I hear.

Update II: Digby on The Roaring Boys - yup, let's blow up some shit....that'll fix 'em. And Amanda chronicles early finger-pointing - and Jesse responds, sensibly, to some flak.


blue girl said...

Really great post, grisha -- I wrote about it on my site, but don't know how to give you a "trackback" --

Hope you're doing good...


grishaxxx said...

Thanks, BG - still, it came out of a lot of conflicted feelings - messing around with the world from good intentions is a very American tradition; I just think we are doing it especially badly now - corruptly, arrogantly - and the rhetoric of civic virtue and the goal of a self-correcting society - a nation that knows itself - is being gutted of whatever truth it had in the first place. That's a tragedy for all of us. No one will ever believe us again.

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