Monday, April 11, 2005

Mid-Month Poem - 11 April 2005 - James Schuyler

Watching You

Watching you sleep
a thing you do so well
no shove no push
on the sliding face
of sleep as on
the deep a sea bird
of a grand wingspread
trusts what it knows
and I who rumple crumple
and mash (snore) amble
and ankle about wide
awake, wanting to fold,
loving to watch sleep
embodied in you my
warm machine that draws
me back to bed
and you who turn
all around me
to love and seduce
me back to sleep "You
said 9:30, now it's
10:" you
don't seem to care
cold coffee (sugar,
no milk) about time:
you never do, never
get roiled the way
I do "Should I nag
you or shut up? If
you say, I will"
always be
glad to return to
that warm turning
to me in that
tenderest moment
of my nights,
and more, my days.

from The Crystal Lithium [1972]

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blue girl said...

Hi grishaxxx -- love that that I have to "choose my identity" when I comment on your site. It brings to mind so many possibilities. Many more than "blogger," and "other" and "anonymous."

I choose "other" which fits I suppose.

Thanks for this poem. I'll print this page and tape it to my wall. It's one that I have to read several times.

Keep 'em coming. I really like your choices.