Thursday, April 14, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

I love Sadly No!, and this illustration (above) gave me giggly fits this morning, as well as the determination to investigate the secrets of poutine. I miss its LA cousin, chili fries, because they don't have it here in the Pac NW, and because I can't achieve more than a pale copy at home. While I cook for a hobby, I am not a deep-fryer, and frozen fries don't really make it. Moreover, the kind of beanless chili that makes good chili fries has to have achieved its sublime character from long simmering and warming in a dented pot in a place where they don't wear uniforms and the counter isn't wiped down every 90 seconds. From the looks of poutine, that could speak of the gravy, as well. You can't really make this kind of stuff up - it's too wicked (like the figure of Seb). Anyway, I want some my next trip North, with the proper cheese curds, too.

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