Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogroll Additions - 16 April 2005

Call me derelict, because I've been reading these people for a while, and haven't added them until today. Except for my brother, Monkeyshines, who is just showing up and who will be brilliant on sports, on jazz, and on beer. He knows his econ and tax law, too. Content, please, bro!
Then there is the lovely BlueGirl, who sends me comments and who is tack-sharp (I'm giving her caps outta respect). And also edwardpig, who doesn't get caps but gets included because he is doing good commentary and because he takes his handle from Edward Gorey; someday I will find a bone to pick with him and answer with a fantod.
VW would be proud to see Shakespeare's Sister realized, and so am I.(and none of that Ed de Vere's sister stuff, please!). Adam Kotsko is essential, so he's here now, tho he looks a humble weblog.. The Carpetbagger Report is important, and I like the captions. Finally, Lawyers, Guns and Money must be added because: a) too smart for their own good, b) I want them at hand when I pick fights and c) Lance pointed a wise finger.
God, there are so many smarties out there! So grand!

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