Monday, April 18, 2005

18 April 2005

Looking into the Void
Laura at War and Piece has a long quote from Chris Nelson on Bolton, et al, that echoes my feelings:
"We are at the point now where the Republican Leadership refuses to allow the
possibility of a loss on anything, regardless of the merits. This renders
“debate” meaningless, since nothing said actually matters, so truth is

She has a lot more, from multiple sources, from over the weekend. And read the whole Nelson bit - it's cogent and scary. These guys are becoming more feral by the day, yet for all the power they already have, they act more and more wounded - it's the most bizarre saga of impious pride and - I think inevitable - self-destruction that I have ever seen. I don't much care who says the Word that will end this frenzy, but someone must.

Meanwhile, Back at the Principality...
I've always had a thing for Bruce McCall's bizarre, loving tributes to the Diamond Age of international travel (and that's a couple of kicks up from any so-called "Golden Age"), and he comes through with the April 18 New Yorker cover, which honors my own fiefdom, Rodentia. A lovely shield-shaped luggage sticker celebrating us as "Playground of the Giant Vole" - go look (you don't even have to buy it)!

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