Tuesday, April 26, 2005

26 April 2005

Why Blog?
Lance always asks the best questions!

I took a stab at this a couple of years ago, inspired by Neal Pollack, in his guise of political satitrist (and the literary-macho-rocker persona didn't hurt), but I got bogged down. Last I recall, I had the SupremeBuddies Ruth Ginsberg and Nino Scalia en route to participate in a summer production of Turnadot in Verona (they are both opera buffs and super when they can). There was such a show scheduled for that season, they were being pursued by a dark cloud of Initiative Prayer issuing from Pat Roberton's HQ (shades of Justice Sunday!) and - in my telling - heading for a travesty. This was shortly after the Lawrence decision, and it was just piling up too fast, but I think you get the idea. NP was a wizard with this stuff, and even he has trimmed back.
For this current effort, just go back to the first post here - I didn't know what the fuck I was going to do with it. I'd love to be running around town, listening, feeling the pulse, but my job prevents me from doing that. My Blogroll shows the people I read regularly, and I love a good piece of invective, depend on others' expertise - I will always link to them. My comments on links will be short and sweet. If I post something original and more substantive, it will be about something I really know and care about. Or for my own amusement. Readers have loved the WITW excerpts, for example (it's so nice, I took it to the desert island!).
I'm posting a melancholy graphic, above, not because that's a ruling humor for me (tho it is one that has caused a lot of trouble), but because it speaks to the rule of introspection and thoughtfulness that underlie even the most antic blogs - I give you Fafblog to prove the point.

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