Saturday, April 16, 2005

16 April 2005

Rainy Saturday - and More Bellowing
I lost my Friday hours in Town to snoozies - too many late-night hours blogging this last week, I guess. I see, however, that Dan Drezner wonders why Bellow isn't read more in schools. I have a comment to that post, but I urge anyone interested to read first the Tribune article that prompted the question - Drezner picked the most unenlightening (and I think eccentric) statement from the people interviewed, and then runs with that. That distorts the issue, I think.

More later today - there's so much craziness out there (e.g., "Justice Sunday"), I haven't begun to absorb it all.

However, if you missed it, see David E. on man dates - it's from last Monday, but it's very funny. What is the NYT thinking? They should have a forced screening of Harold and Kumar....

Picking up on another Drezner post - and this from a month ago - on the death of George Kennan; I know GK got very cranky, especially toward the end, but I read the Memoirs with great excitement, especially his account of the period in Riga in which he was immersed in Russian literature and culture. That intimacy gave depth to his policy analysis later, and it's something sadly lacking - and tragically undervalued - among our current foreign policy honchos.

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