Sunday, February 05, 2006

Vikings (who like Spam and Clean House)

That cryptic thing is on a again for a couple of hours - had an attack of spam from every House Cleaner in the world, apparently. I'll take it off when the thing passes.
Post later today on movies!

[Update: OK, going to take off the wraps and see what happens...]

[Update 2: ...and what happened is they were suppressed for a while, and then came back, inflating my traffic stats for no good reason. I have some stuff cooking and regular readers will, I know, be able to manage the Word Verification thingy if they are moved to comment. Give it a few hours and the spammers get enough bouncys and I'll take it off again. Go read Lance and FDL and TWN and The Rude One and all the rest of the usual suspects (see lefthand column) in the meantime.]


teh l4m3 said...

HI your blog is interesting. Would you like to buy some Viking Brand halberd cleaner?

PS Where is my goat boy pr0n???

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Teh, teh...enough with the porn already. Write a personal ad, I'll post it on RoD and be done with it lovey.

Spam? Spam good. Me love spam and housecleaners.

Anonymous said...

Hey I tracked you down! Mwaaaahahaha. ;) I'm bored.

grishaxxx said...

I can funnel all the pr0n teh wants by other means now. Don't be greedy, teh!
OOO - I did, however, get my first piece of homophobe spam yesterday - impersonal, but lots of scripture and bad stats on the Homo LoveBoat. A thrill! :-)