Saturday, February 18, 2006

Quelle bonne surprise!

Almost tripped over the package yesterday (it had been laid at my door). I didn't have any outstanding orders that I knew of, and then I opened it and blessed Lance for the generous and - no doubt - instructive gift of Wodehouse, in 3 volumes. Catnip. man, and if any of you detect that style creeping into my posts, you will know whom to blame!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Very nice! Was it a birthday gift? I believe you mentioned a birthday was creeping up.

grishaxxx said...

Nope - the Lance Man surprised me (I think it had something to do with a comment of mine at his place). I believe I confessed to having read only one PJW - a friend's copy, even - and that marked me as deprived.
Besides, birthdays are overrated as gift-giving occasions, I think. It's the spontaneous unbirthday present that surprises (and touches) me most.

blue girl said...

Well, isn't that the absolutely coolest thing! How fun!

Most times you think people are the rottenest -- and then, you get a great surprise and it reminds you that there are some wonderful people in the world and we should focus on them and not the bad ones.

Have fun reading!

AG: I've never seen your "doll" photo by your comments before! Cute.