Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Moose in the Room, or Whatsamatta U

I was wandering through Peter Daou's Post Garden this afternoon and, fairly high on the Right Hedge, was an Andrew Sullivan link to something called, "Visceral Surface Revulsion," - and that was just too good to pass up, especially as the first word in the clip was Mickey. Andrew's is a pretty good post (I think he's often good on gay issues), but the Prize is a clip from an interview with Mickey Kaus in which - I am not kidding - he holds up a toy moose sidekick to back up his homophobia.

A good deal of the clip [it's about 10 minutes long] blathers on about possible evolutionary/genetic foundations for hostility to Teh Gay in order to justify MK's VSR, but I couldn't help thinking that he can't possibly have spent much - if any - time around real groups of gay men. As I subsequently said, in part, in a mail to Andrew:

"He's obviously lived a very gay-sheltered life, though, if he thinks gays don't reproduce - indeed, he seems to think we can't. I would certainly like to see some stats on the number of currently exclusively homosexual men who have a) at one point had str8 sex and, b) if so, how many produced children, in or out of traditional wedlock. My experience - and I am confident yours, too - would suggest that there are a lot of gay dads out there, and even more potential gay dads. It would only take one successful shot, after all, even in the spirit of exploration or self-testing, to transmit the dreaded gay gene to yet another generation. Maybe that's what's really creeping Mickey out. "

Because he is, you know, quite short....

I still haven't seen the movie in question, but there is an excellent Daniel Mendelsohn piece in the NYRB about it, which you shouldn't miss.


madamerouge said...

That moose looks awfully... Canadian.

Hey, watch Frontline tonight if you can. Apparently a huge percentage of crime in Portland OR is meth-related. Yowzers.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

That Moose ain't Canadian. :)

grishaxxx said...

He's from FROSTBITE FALLS, for fuckssake - couldn't get closer to being Canadian and still be a Moose of the USofA. Well, maybe if he lived in NIAGARA Falls...:-)

Ouf! Missed the Frontline, MR, but, yeah, the shit seems to have been bad here for years (also in Washington state, I think). Something about the Pac NW makes it fertile ground for escape mechanisms - maybe it's the weather. Seattle has a sky-high suicide rate.