Sunday, September 25, 2005

Looking Backward (at My Navel)

This is a substitute for having too much to say and not enough time to write it down, but Lance alerted me to the meme, and I cross-posted this over there:

The 23-5 Meme:

My 23rd post was posted March 3, 2005.

Hard to count up from the beginning, so I'm counting days as posts, but this is five sentences in from the March 3 early post:

"All very smooth and compelling, until you recognize that it's built on pure assertion, and mendacity "

It was describing Richard Perle's presentation in debate with Howard Dean, here in Portland. Wouldn't change a word.
The real 23rd post was probably a pic of Ninja Meatwad, but I didn't write it, even if it's just about equally characteristic of me.


blue girl said...

Hi Grisha: I think this meme is interesting -- even when one pulls just one line out and posts it -- you can see the personality of the blogger in that line....

I'm going to do the meme today -- just haven't done it yet.

How are you? Hope you're doing good!


teh l4m3 said...

Weee! I did it too. I got the idea from mdhatter, who said he got it from Pharyngula. Anyway, I kind of fudged a bit 'cos my 23rd post didn't really have 5 sentences, unless you count the post's title (I did). Ah, well.

Peace out.

PS -- You can get rid of that spam by going to your dashboard, clicking on change settings, then the comments tab, and enabling word verification. It worked for moi!