Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fidelity, High & Low

Steve Clemons is a daily stop for me, but I found his post last Friday on the upcoming Vatican policy on gay priests especially arresting and worrying (and it has, by now, a good comments thread going). I know RC priests who were devastated by the abuse scandals of the last few years, precisely because their own vows were vows they kept - whatever their sexuality might have been if they had never entered religious orders - and because the Church's official coverups fractured the established trust, built over years,, with their parishioners and social service clients. Everyone, priest and layman, was betrayed,
Any student of Renaissance lit knows how Princes of the Church used to carry on, and I leave it to RC historians to parse all the celibacy policies, but as Steve adds in another post, time to Out the bastards.

Lance has a rich post on Lincoln, Depression and a Friend. I did my bit by posting a comment that is really a post (as Lance tells me I do), but that I didn't feel like putting up here. This is, after all, my magazine, and not a confessional - or a bathhouse (see ROD for my modest perv).

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