Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iron & Grog!

For Pirate Day - that's me in the Crow's Nest - all handiwork of Mad Sam. We want to make mugs....Arrrr! For the Rum, Matey! Posted by Picasa


Lance Mannion said...

You look very nautical up there in the crow's nest. I think the artist captured the real you.

grishaxxx said...

Well, Dad was in the Navy (a signalman), and I, like Ratty, love the boats.
And Mad Sam and Bloody Bill are UK friends of long-standing (brothers, too!) - we have plans to meet up in Venice Beach some day and and get suitably rowdy over black-and-tans at the King's Head in Santa Monica.
Finding people like them - talented, funny, smart, and really nice - has been one of the joys of the internets for me.

tom said...

Thank you, very interesting!