Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Northern Exposure - Leg 1

The sudden decompression from a 24/7 job takes a while to register, but I think my biggest help last Friday was sitting, on the train for Seattle, next to a woman who was fused to her cell phone, digging for all her life into the backstory of some deal, some colleague's psychology (how much of a timebomb was he?), all with the least possible amount of affect. A glimpse of Business Hell. Perked me up no end, but I think my House of Pain hoodie scared her, because she fled across the aisle to an empty seat as soon as one was available.

This was my first summer ride from PDX to Tacoma - everything had leafed out, the cows were in the corn, it was all very lush and luscious. By the time my brother and his patient (former Boeing guy, now with the Alzheimer's Corp.) met me at the station, morning clouds had burned off and we were in glorious summer. Lucky guys, they can enjoy the view (see pic above) of Puget Sound from their back terrace, day in, day out. Lucky in many other ways - great friends a few houses down, who share the watch, and who like to lunch, as well as host late afternoon cocktails with the same delicious view. I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality.

The really cool thing about my brother's gig is that he and Tom seem to be on the road most of the time, exploring Greater King County for good pubs, good soup, good desserts - they seem to be known and well-loved everywhere. And Scottie is a wizard at filling Tom's pipe while in the diamond lane. I am in awe.

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