Friday, August 26, 2005

Coming Up for Air

Apologies for no posts this last week - vacation rest stimulated the need for more (I have a monster sleep deficit), and I am just getting up to speed. New pieces this weekend.


alibi13 said...

Your muse is groggy, eh? Thank your stars you needn't flee the monster that is Katrina, bearing down on the Big (un)Easy. Much like Sister Katrina, the bullish nun of my more parochial (school) days, bearing down on the fleeting fantasies the boi sitting in the next row so easily stirred in those hazy days of my yute (youth to those non NY speakers).

Do tell more, Ratboy, Prince of Rodentia; distract me from the furies of wall to wall reportage, the only saving grace of which is that not even the most callous news producer will treat us to the spectre of a reporter being blown off the bridge s/he was sent to to show us the difficulty of standing in 100+ mph winds. In 175+ mph winds, the reporter might well be blown to Kansas and have a day as strange as Dorothy's when she was lifted away.

In the meantime, get a search window at google, type in "Santorum" (as in the sanctimonious Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, and click "I'm feeling lucky". A remarkably accurate find will be revealed.

Waiting for my next morsel,

Your loyal subject,

Alibi, aka Badboy; Consigliere to the Kingdom of Rodentia; and Keeper of the northeast corner of the bar at Ratboy's Friday boozing station. "Thanks for asking; no, I'm not free, but I am reasonable."

grishaxxx said...

Whoa, looks like Big K saved her worst raps for Biloxi - we can be thankful for that next February (or you can, you bead-hound!).
We have Dan Savage to thank for the Google grab bag - bless him!

A bientot, mon Consigliere!

Anonymous said...

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