Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Light, A Light!

Feels like a miracle, but it seems I've managed to crowbar a weekend away from here, and it will start in a mere 8 days. Just a long weekend, but the last one I had was February, 2004, so I hope readers can imagine the thrill. I'll be visiting friends and extended family in Seattle, staying for much of it on Mercer Island (where, if I get the urge, I may try to track down Michael Medved and his guru, see what they're up to....), but for the most part trying to recharge. My island hosts are wisely getting out of town before the Seattle Seafair hits them (we are talking unlimited hydroplanes, Blue Angels overhead, transit and cover). We'll rendezvous after that has passed.

Hope to get some more substantive posts up before I leave - I can feed off the coming energy. And I intend to finish reading some books up there - real joy, not to have your ear cocked for a thready, abusive voice day and night.

More later.


Lance Mannion said...

Hot diggity! I'm glad to hear it. I was beginning to worry about your health.

grishaxxx said...

Hey, me too! Now, the anticipation brightens everything. Looking forward to running (literally) around Mercer Island - it's supposed to be beautiful there.

bad blue girl said...

Hi grisha! If you run into Michael Medved, make sure you tell him I said hello -- and also to *shut the hell up!*

He's screwing up Bush's "Blue Skies" initiative with all the pollution he spews! (or maybe that's the point of the *blue skies* initiative.) One never knows!

Yay! I'm so glad you are getting away.

Yes, I know it says "bad" blue girl. It's Res's fault from when I was a guest blogger over there! -- can't seem to change it. Or maybe I could, but i'm too lazy!