Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mozart on Fifth

Long before blogging came along, my good friend Ron (look for Ronald Grun and Odessa on that archive) had put together a classical street ensemble by that name. They played New Orleans, LA, other places, Ron's philosophy of performance resting on the notion that a high ticket should not stand as a barrier to virtuosity and the best music. He lives and breathes his music - Juilliard, Army Concert Band (out of West Point - take that Moran!) - Martha Graham Company orchestra - UCSD faculty - etc. Now in Paris, still arranging for small wind groups, now organizing and touring with klezmer ensembles. Integrity intact.

What Lance said yesterday about the writing endeavour here reminds me so much of Ron - "I really do think of what I do here as being akin to what a sidewalk artist or musician does." I think that's right; It's lovely to be encouraged, to have readers find you, but it's even better to rediscover (if it was lost) the joy of writing every day, of having to make those critical decisions about when to make a fool of yourself, and when not.

I'm quite content with unpressured bandwidth, thank you very much, but go reward some virtuosity where it counts. Buy those Mannions a pizza!!


Lance Mannion said...

Thanks Ratty! We'll be at Regina's in the North End---the site of my first date with the blonde; the waitress scolded me---sometime Sunday or Monday. We'll raise a slice in your honor!

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Anonymous said...

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