Monday, May 02, 2005


That's what I think my Windows apps (specifically, IE...) have been doing to me - running off to play in the fields and screw around, until I yank their chains, and then they trot back, grinning, all disheveled and sticky with plant juices and seed. Demon spawn will show up later, I have little doubt.

However, it is now May, and the picture below is from the Cluny Museum in Paris - the Medieval one - and the set of tapestries, on a deep green ground overgrown with flowers, illustrating the pleasures of courtly life, is a favorite of mine. They are not overwhelmingly large, and you can get quite close in their modest room (the rest of which displays fragile and beautiful textiles). Just scenes of hunting and picnics and promenades (and bathing, of course) - civilized pleasures, and no excuses for them.

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