Saturday, January 21, 2006

[Not] Alone Out There, in the Dark [Core Dump 5]

I forgot about this. And it's important to anyone who cares about movies at all. The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Mass., is having a fund drive, and I urge any and all of you to help them. Rep houses like the Brattle are a truly endangered species, and just about the only places, outside of college film societies, that we can go to for the movie past. Look at the Brattle's calendar this month - there's Werner Herzog, Antonioni, and the MUPPETS! Julian Barnes is there in February - c'mon, people!

Remember that babka in the Blogger Bake-Off last month? My consolation prize was movie tix and I asked that equivalent funds be contributed to the Brattle Fund instead. My nephew is in film school, has already started a production company, and one of my greatest pleasures is talking to him about stuff he hasn't seen - and that I wouldn't have seen either except for Doc Films and the Clark, the Aardvark, the Aero (my fave nabe), the Nuart - and the Brattle.

I am posting a pic, above, of that place. Not the world's best screen, not the most comfortable seats (it's a fucking barn, or was when I was last there...), and none of that makes the slightest difference once the lights go down and the genuine article is there before you. Some of my most thrilling moments at the movies have been in tiny lecture halls on screens designed for film strips and diagrams. The Brattle is the real deal, and I know I am not alone in this.

Go, give - Les enfants du paradis will bless you.


blue girl said...

"...I asked that equivalent funds be contributed to the Brattle Fund instead."

You're a treasure, grishaxxx.

grishaxxx said...

BG, it's unlikely I'd have been able to use the tix anyway. I finally got around to watching a rental DVD of Sin City the other night, and it had been lying around for weeks - I was just too beat to stay up late for it.
Loved it, btw - could easily watch it again.
I've been paying Blockbuster a monthly fee for ages, not to have to worry about returning stuff on a schedule, but the returns from that deal have diminished to the point that I'd be better off building a collection instead. Grisha's Own Rep House.
But I really look forward to the days (and nights) when I have the time to really go to the movies again. Assuming they are still there, that will be cool...:-)

The Uncanny Canadian said...

Grishaxxsx, it truly was very noble of you to donate your proceedings to the Brattle. I'm sure it was much appricated. I just don't find as much to see there as I used to, but I'll try to see something there every now and then.

Sin City was an under-appreciated work of art. It was also brutally funny. I highly enjoyd watching it in the theatre (I think the visuals might be attenuated too much by a home viewing experience).

You should try to get out to the theatres shortly. There are just some excellent art movies playing right now. I've heard great things about Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica, Cache, Match Point, Good Night and Good Luck, Matador, and a few others. You just know that in another month there's going to be nothing to see at all.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

We hope you will and BG will come to visit UC and me soon so we can all go to the Brattle. That is if I ever get home from Texas. :)

Thanks again for reminding us of the importance of The Arts.

grishaxxx said...

O, AG! I need a trip back to my heartlands (Beantown being one), so I will let you know, should one be scheduled! Brattle it is...and Coolidge Corner, too...:-)