Monday, December 19, 2005

Snow, Ice & Babka

Just seasonal luck that we get snow and ice here to fuck up my babka-shipping plans. The baking went fine (see pic above) and early taste tests are highly positive; now I have to confront UPS Tuesday morning with samples and try to figure out the best way to ship them to the RoD Blogger Bake-Off jury (there are so many posts there on the subject, I can't choose just one). Poor thing has already been through trials that would test the strongest pastry - not least the hair-raising trip back home Sunday evening on snow-slick roads (they don't know from salt here...), my sis driving, and the need to navigate, cajole and placate her in order to arrive in one piece. Babka and I succeeded, and that's a real holiday miracle.

At this point, even if I miss the shipping deadline, I'll be content - treat will arrive, eventually, and I hope it gives pleasure to these people who have become friends over the last months.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Don't worry, I have the power to hold off judging until all goodies are recieved.

It will be a festivus miracle when we sample the fine, fine taste of the perfect little babka. UC will be so pleased with himself as he pops the delicate dessert into his Muppet hole.

Midniter said...

Poor's been through so much before it's even hit the mail.