Friday, December 16, 2005

Dough Boys (and Girls)

Please take time, for those of you unfamiliar with the splendid Republic of Dogs, to run over and check out the Blogger Bake-Off the Whole Sick Crew there (and I count myself proudly in their number) have devised for the Holidays. I will be making babka for the occasion (and will share pics of product Sunday evening), so be ready to feast your eyes, and to envy the judges!

Even if I don't make top dog (or top gun, or whatever...) in this one, if the reviews are good I will post my recipe. I and former roomies can testify to the comforts and virtues of good stuff baking inside when the world is frozen outside. Anticipation, friends!

1 comment:

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Be proud of your babka! Most Jews cannot make it. It's tricky and time consuming little Jewish treat. It's delicate and fussy. You will score top points for creativity given the challenge of making such a prickly little pear in the dessert category.