Thursday, June 16, 2005

War On Stuff....

Great Digby post, linking to The Medium Lobster, as well. O, what a beautiful morning....!
Truly, I am not sure that even the architects of this mess really know why they did it - the rationales seem to shift under their feet every time they are pressed to explain. There are clues in the PNAC agenda I posted below (Shorter: "We must have the world's Biggest Balls!"), but the enterprise has been spectacularly counterproductive. It's interesting to me that "moral clarity" was a PNAC rhetorical trope (see the very last paragraph) all the way back in 1997, quite a long time before the 9/11 attack made that phrase a tin drum. History - that thing that Dear Leader thinks we will all be dead before it speaks - is going to pee on them.


blue girl said...

Hey Grisha! Long time no talk-to. My email has been up, down, up down. So, I thought this was safer way to say hello!

As soon as I get back on line, email-wise -- I'll drop you a line.

Till then.

blue girl

grishaxxx said...

Kewl! And, hey, know that "grrrrr" feeling, I assure you!

Lance Mannion said...

Back in 2000 I was so certain Al Gore would win that I hardly paid any attention to George Bush. But somehow I knew that he had one, and only one, foreign policy proposal---overthrowing Saddam. So that must have been in the news a lot for it to have made an impression on me.

Apparently, after he was installed in office everybody in the media forgot.

I guess they were just all so happy that they'd helped defeat Gore.

But as for why Bush wanted to go to war, I think the answer is so obvious and simple that nobody can believe it: He wanted to out-do his daddy. He thought his father should have gone to Bagdad in 91 and apparently resolved that if he ever got the chance he'd do it himself.

Cheney also wanted to go to Iraq for personal reasons. I don't mean to make money for Haliburton. He was also furious when the first Pres. Bush and Colin Powell decided not to push on to Bagdad. Bush senior ignored his advice and Cheney is not one to forgive and forget or admit he was wrong.

grishaxxx said...

Obvious and simple, if we were a dynastic monarchy (not like those SW ones where queens get elected - that sort of thing...). Except we are not, by law at any rate, so the personal dramas and whims of Presidents and their deputies are presumed to be checked by - o fuck - a bought band of courtiers!

I still remember Courtier-Reporter Broder returning from an Austin dinner to tell us (on "Washington Week") how Young George was being annointed for the 2000 race; "Where the fuck is THIS coming from?, I wondered. Same sack of shit that "they trashed this town" came from.

I want them down. I want them demonstrated to be such dicksucks that they will be shamed into never writing again. I want them sleepwalking with guilt, unable to wash the blood from their hands.