Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Beloved Country

Obsidian Wings has a post by hilzoy that so thoroughly voices my own feelings over the past couple of years that I have nothing to add to it. (And thanks to Barbara for pointing me to it this morning.)
O - except for Lance's takedown of the hotheads who seem to combine fight and flight in one messy package - superior and invincible, as long as they are under the bed or inside the cardboard fort, from which shelter they can sneer at cooler heads. All pumped up and totally useless.
There are some very real things to fear, of course, and some of them are laid out in Elizabeth Drew's NRYB piece on corruption in Republican Washington. Grover wants to make sure even K Street secretaries are GOP stooges. Fawn Hall clones, I suppose; wasn't she lovely?

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