Friday, May 05, 2006

Mayday + 5

This is not something I have wanted to do, but immediate circumstances - medical, job gap, maintaining minimal connection with the world ( that means with all of you, when it comes down to it...) - make a funding plea necessary. Any small amount in the PayPal tip jar (left column, and down...) will ease the situation. It will certainly be a hedge against brain-block, and a veritable guarantee of more fascinating, up-to-date posts. I, too, have missed that.

Thanks, in advance, for anything you can pony.

[Update: there's now an Amazon jar, too. Just got back from the semi-annual meetup of lawyers and craftsmen and assorted others who pay attention to things like The Goss Mystery, The Colbert Follies, and the rest of this last week's amusements. the food and drink were excellent, but everyone is a little confused....]

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