Monday, April 03, 2006


Only a week away from full re-connection. Expect a flurry of postings (not least on the agony of being unplugged from my accustomed sources of is no wonder a third of the country persists in believing BushCo fantasies, if what reaches them through the airwaves alone is any evidence). Have much reading, of a literary nature, to report on, too - and that's balanced the isolation.

Cheers to all who've stuck with me - you will be rewarded very soon.

Update : Yeah, like - what, 12 days later? Sorry about that - it's been very goofy with the move, the re-settling and the General Chaos (and yes, that's a Butters reference....). More tonight..


blue girl said...

Hey Grish! Don't know whether you're connected now or not -- but, just wanted to tell you I just bought the Doctor's Without Borders cookbook! Yay!

I will make one of your recipes, post a photo and plug the cookbook in a's that for a plan?

Hope you're doing well...



Lance Mannion said...

Can't wait! You're sorely missed.

teh l4m3 said...


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Hey Kiddo, UC and I were talking that we totally need to email you. We've been busy and well you know. Hope all is well. D.W.B.s is a great organization!