Thursday, November 24, 2005

Many Thanks

That 3-Week Roundup is now pushing 4 weeks, but it's been an invigorating near-month - the public ice break on so many fronts, and some supremely satisfying personal reconnections. I could not be more grateful right now for my long-standing (some might say long-suffering) friends; they abide, like The Dude.

The Aged Patient and I will have a feast to remember today. Made stock last night in the splendid pot I nabbed earlier this year (its maiden voyage), found great fresh turkey parts (recipe and technique as posted below), and they will be roasted with beautiful leeks, turnips, carrots and - I think - rosemary this time. Cornbread base for stuffing is done, and there are nice criminis and mild italian sausage to fill that out (a special request of the AP). She also has sweet potatoes coming - and when you're 97, you should get whatever you want.

This was always the holiday of choice to visit my family when I lived far away. No religious trappings or conflicts, no gifts to lug, and I would promise to cook - give me something to do and a superior meal for the rest of them. Just in the last 2 weeks, I've found an archive of photographs kept by our landlords in our Chicago house, and preserved by one of my original roomies there. I don't recall exactly how this got started, but Betty and Albert welcomed us for Thanksgiving fairly early on, and as the years passed, students who had lived in the house (it was a 3-flat, really), would return for the holiday, and they would have their placecards, and they would bring a contribution of food, and we would all celebrate on Betty's good Wedgewood or Limoges. Got quite fancy after a while, but it was very cool. I'll post some of the pics when the mood hits.

I am also thankful to all my readers and patrons here - that I have either seems miraculous at times (most of the time, actually). If I can cook a decent meal, I can post more. That's a promise.

[Update: Dinner was hugely successful - the AP was delighted, the turnips could not have been better (magnets for meat juices - I don't know why they are not more appreciated...), and I got to do a full-bore dinner here, something of a rarity. And we will have tasty leavings for at least a week. The remaining stock, alone, will enrich 2-3, many post-colonialist feasts! All power to the Bird!]

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Lance Mannion said...

Happy Thanksgiving, guy!