Tuesday, October 04, 2005

L'shanah tovah

And, boy, do we need one! It's a pain that my job prevents me from getting away to observe it - that's why this post is a day late - but if ever there was a good day to enter a period of serious introspection and repentence, this is it. Lance mentions his Connecticut brother and his Joe Lieberman problem - think deep this week, Joe!
It wouldn't be a bad idea for Dems as a whole (if there is such a thing - but I'll take fragments) to take the hint from the High Holidays and look at the compromises they've made with the Bush/Cheney machine and ask what good its pursuit of raw power has done them, has done anyone. Digby was especially good on this yesterday. The Machine is showing great stress, and it is barely a year from the 2006 elections; think Reconstruction, friends. Going to be a long haul.

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