Monday, January 31, 2005

-1 February 2005

A Cheese Log -

...and I was just going to admire that baby picture of Mildred at The Rittenhouse Review, and now look what I've done. Curse you, Blogspot! Tied a bell to my naked tail and now I'm obligated to make music with it, making my minions dance!

Until then, I will refer you happily to Neal Pollack's Maelstrom, where an ongoing discussion of prime literature and, from the evidence of the linked post, fragrant cheeses, deserves your attention. I confess to having been an acolyte of the Fake Neal, and was his self-described pig (a fact he acknowledged in my inscribed copy of Never Mind the Pollacks....). Buy his book.


Statements of Principle, Scope and so forth are going to have to wait until they are composed; same with all the cool formatting I will want to attempt on the page. More, more curses....! One day, this will all be at the bottom of the Archives, and I ask you, readers, to be kind.

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